Hochheimer Domdechaney | VDP.ERSTE LAGE®

The VDP.ERSTE LAGE® DOMDECHANEY* lies in the wind shadow of the Hochheim city wall and faces south toward the Main River, well protected from the north wind. The Hochheim St. Peter and Paul Church towers over the northwest corner of the 10.5 hectare vineyard. The site has a 0 to 10 percent gradient and lies at 110 metres a.s.l. The soil types vary from sand to heavy loam, loess loam or clay marl and are partially calcareous. The soil is quite heterogeneous and within a small area can change from deep to medium to heavy. It has a high water storage capacity, which is advantageous to the vines in dry vintages. Due to the protected microclimate, there is little threat of frost in this GL. Riesling is the main variety. *Note: The site is classified as a VDP.ERSTE LAGE as of the 2016 vintage. History: The Domdechaney was once the property of the Mainz Cathedral Chapter. The summer residence of the Mainz Cathedral deacon was located directly in the vineyard next to the church. At that time the site was still a short steep slope. The cathedral deacon had additional soil mounded there to mould a gentle slope and even in the 18th century it was irrigated with Main water in hot years.

Layer profile

Growing AreaRheingau / Hessische Bergstrasse
Graded area19,05 acres
Graded vinesRiesling
VDP.Growers working in this layerKünstler | Zum WeingutKloster Eberbach | Zum WeingutDomdechant Werner | Zum Weingut

Geological data

Elevation110m ü. N. N.
GroundMittelschwerer Lösslehm, Tonmergel, toniger Lehm

Meteorologic Data