The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® HOHELEITE lies at 330 to 360 metres a.s.l. and extends as a continuation of the GL JULIUS-ECHTER-BERG along the Schwanberg below the Schwanberg Castle. It faces west to southwest and the hilltop protects it from the east wind. It is considered the prime parcel within the Küchenmeister vineyard. The soil of the 15-hectare GL HOHELEITE are quite diverse and include Gipskeuper marl stemming from marine sediment (myophoria layers) that is interspersed with sandstone layers from the Benker, Stuttgart, and Hassberg formations. History: The name stems from an earlier path, the “Hohen Weg” that crossed the mountain just below the forest. The “Hoheleit” was first documented in 1317 as property of the Ebrach Monastery.

Growing Area

Graded area4,03 
GroundGipskeuper, Myophorienschicht
Graded vinesSilvaner, Riesling

Meteorologic Data