The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® KREUZ is nestled in the soft hilly landscape between Oppenheim and Dienheim somewhat more distanced from the Rhine River. The site possesses deep loess banks at its core, which are interspersed with limestone and marine limestone fractions. With only 30 percent slope gradient, the KREUZ GL is a fairly flat site. It has a south to east aspect and is planted predominantly with Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). History: Kühling-Gillot calls the KRANZ GL the “site of the pope”. The 1999 Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) once served as the sacramental wine for Pope Benedict XVI. Since then, the red wine from the KREUZ GL is considered the Châteauneuf-du-Pape of Rheinhessen. The KREUZ GL is probably named for the tall sandstone cross (Kreuz) that stands at the foot of the vineyard.

Layer profile

Growing AreaRheinhessen
Graded area22,24 acres
Graded vinesSpätburgunder
VDP.Growers working in this layerKühling-Gillot | Zum Weingut

Geological data

Elevation120-140m ü. N. N.
Groundcalcareous marl and loess

Meteorologic Data