Coveted top wines, rarities and unique pieces under the hammer

wine auctions of VDP.Prädikatsweingüter

Since 1910, the VDP.auctions have been a highlight in the calendar of events of the VDP.Prädikatsweingüter and wine lovers from all over the world meet to bid for rare wines. The VDP.auctions bring the best wine lots of the current vintage and selected rarities from the treasure chambers of the vineyards of the former "Verband Deutscher Naturweinversteigerer" (Association of German Natural Wine Auctioneers) to the national and international market. Year after year, they are regarded as an indicator of the appreciation of the top wines of the VDP.Prädikatsweingüter of the new vintage. The VDP Auctions have a special feature: The wines that are identified as "Auction Wines" by a sticker are offered by the VDP Wine Estates exclusively at these VDP Auctions. They are only available on the open market if a buyer resells his bottles. As a rule, they disappear into the treasure chambers after the auction and are only presented on special occasions. In addition, the auctions are celebrated as "wet" auctions, where every proclaimed wine, with the exception of rarities, is poured out to the guests. Mostly wines of the current vintage are offered - but also rarities from the treasure chambers of the VDP.wineries. For example, great, sweet, top-quality wines, unique pieces in large bottles or wines specially vinified for the auction, the VDP.AUKTION.RÉSERVE.