The name of the VDP.GROSSEN LAGE® PECHSTEIN stems from the black basalt rubble that is found here together with weathered red sandstone, sandy loam and friable clay. The extinct volcano, Pechsteinkopf, which is seen above the forest, distributed large quantities of volcanic rock over the area in ancient times. For this reason, the subsoil of the Pechstein also contains several basalt veins. The basalt rubble that contributes to easy warming of this site actually does not stem from the site’s subsoil, but rather from an old stone quarry just a couple hundred metres away. As was common in the 19th century, the basalt from the quarry was distributed in the vineyard and ploughed into the soil to improve it. The 17.1 hectare GL PECHSTEIN is located at 120 to 150 metres a.s.l. and has a gentle 6 to 10 % slope gradient. The share of clay and loam in the Pechstein contribute to the excellent water storage capacity of the soil.

Layer profile

Geological data

Elevation125-150m ü. N. N.
Groundloamy sand, basalt

Meteorologic Data