The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® LENCHEN belongs to the village of Oestrich in Rheingau. The south to southeast facing site has a gentle 5 to 15 percent slope and lies between 110 and 135 metres a.s.l. The soil is predominantly loess loam with gravel. There are also heavier tertiary inclusions of iron-rich clay marl and quartzite. Due to underground aquifers, the GL LENCHEN has good available water capacity even in dry years. The walls that enclose the vineyard store warmth during the day and release it into the Riesling vines at night. History: It is not fully clear from where the name of this vineyard originates. Two possibilities are considered. The name could come from “Berglehne”, which means “mountain flank”. Another theory is that it could be the diminutive form of the word “Lehen”, which is a fiefdom.

Layer profile

Geological data

Elevation110-135m ü. N. N.
Groundloess loam interspersed with gravel, heavy tertiary iron-rich clay marl, quartzite

Meteorologic Data