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The sun-exposed south facing slope of the VDP.GROSSE LAGE® KUPP “Unterstenberg” lies in the eastern third of the Kupp vineyard. Its slope gradient is a very steep 70 percent. The soil is rocky, grey weathered Devon slate debris with skeletal content. The parcel is planted mostly with Riesling. VDP.vintner: Peter Lauer. History: The first documentation of a site named Kupp stems from the year 1304. In 1906 a Fuder barrel (960 litres) of “1904 Ayler Kupp” was sold for 15,036 gold marks, the highest price ever achieved for a wine from the Saar.

Growing Area

Graded area3,56 acres including paths
GroundDevon slate
Graded vinesRiesling

Meteorologic Data