Located west of Randersacker in the Maindreieck, the VDP.GROSSE LAGE® PFÜLBEN is reminiscent of a large bulging pillow (“phulwen” in Middle High German) that is pushed between the two side valleys bordering it. The steep slope drops toward the south and southwest from 170 to 260 metres a.s.l. at an incline of up to 65 percent. It is planted primarily with Riesling and Silvaner. The climate and ripening in the GL PFÜLBEN benefit from light and warmth reflected by the Main River. The medium to deep humus-rich soils of shell limestone marl warm easily and also store warmth well.

Growing Area

Graded area6,35 
Groundtriassic shell limestone (Middle Muschelkalk)
Graded vinesRiesling, Silvaner

Meteorologic Data