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The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® OBERER FIRST lies on the slopes of the Tauber Valley and is the northernmost GROSSE LAGE in Baden. It is found in the upper half of the First vineyard at 260 to 300 metres a.s.l. Predominantly Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) and Riesling are planted on a slope of around 20 percent gradient. The soils are mostly rocky lower shell limestone and Wellenkalk, but variegated sandstone and friable loam are also found in the – therefore the vines have a good mineral supply. Also the soil warms up easily und cools out slowly. With over 1370 hours of sunshine during vegetation the GL OBERER FIRST is sundrenched. It lies in the rain shade of the Odenwald which can cause rather dry summers. Therefore the vines need long roots to reach the needs water.

Growing Area

Graded area1,51 
Groundshell limestone
Graded vinesWeißer Burgunder, Spätburgunder

Meteorologic Data