The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® FELSENECK is located in the Ellerbach River basin, a side valley of the upper Nahe. The vineyard faces due south and it rises a steep slope with 35-70 percent gradient from 250 to 310 metres a.s.l. up to a high forested plateau that protects it from cold fall winds. The soils are quite diverse and are dominated by Upper Rotliegend (Waderner Schichten Formation). Devon slate, quartzite, and basalt rubble are also found. The rocky soils are easily warmed and well-drained. The slope has easy access to light and warmth from the sun, which is advantageous for its macroclimate.

Layer profile

Growing AreaNahe
Graded area43,32 acres
Graded vinesRiesling
VDP.Growers working in this layerSchäfer-Fröhlich | Zum Weingut

Geological data

Elevation250-310m ü. N. N.
GroundDevon slate interspersed with quartzite

Meteorologic Data