The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® BASSGEIGE KÄHNER is a prime parcel within the Bassgeige vineyard of Oberbergen / Kaiserstuhl. It lies in the southeastern part and is characterised by long terraces at an altitude of 270 to 330 metres. The soils consist of loess on vulcanite. The Franz Keller winery cultivates Pinot Gris in this monopoly location. On the stony, often barren soils, this otherwise quite luxuriant grape variety achives a remarkable structure. History: The name "Bassgeige" is due to the original shape of the vineyard. Since the land consolidation in 1971, however, this form is no longer recognizable. "Kähner" is a dialect name for a roof jug - an indication that the harvest once acted like a water-bearing gutter.

Layer profile

Growing AreaBaden
Graded area7,49 acres
Graded vinesPinot Gris
VDP.Growers working in this layerFranz Keller | Zum Weingut

Geological data

Elevation270-330m ü. N. N.
Groundloess, volcanic rock

Meteorologic Data