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The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® HASENSPRUNG is located near Schloss Johannisberg in the village Winkel in the Rheingau. Riesling is cultivated here on fertile loess loam soils. The GL HASENSPRUNG vineyard has a 3 to 15 % slope gradient that rises from 110 to 150 metres a.s.l. and faces south to southwest. History: There are two possible explanations for the origin of the name of this vineyard. One is that wild hares (Hasen), which are also a symbol for fertility, inhabited the field and vineyard. Some of the vintners in Winkel project the theory that the parcels in this vineyard were once so narrow that a hare could have jumped over them. There also exists a folk legend that the 1811 vintage wine from this vineyard inspired the author Johan Wolfgang von Goethe to write his poem collection “West-Eastern Diwan”.

VDP.Growers working in this layer

Growing Area

Graded area10,87 
Groundloess loam
Graded vinesRiesling

Meteorologic Data