The VDP.GROSSE LAGE ® BRUDERSBERG is a small, special exception on the Roter Hang. Contrary to all of the other sites located directly on the Rhine River, this vineyard does not face toward the east, but toward the south. The one-hectare BRUDERSBERG is protected from the north wind in a little side valley of the Roter Hang. The soil is clayey slate with iron oxide, the famous red soil that dominates the slope that faces east toward the Rhine River and stretches from Nackenheim in the north to Nierstein in the south and gives the Roter Hang its name. With a slope of 70 percent, the BRUDERSBERG GL is quite steep. The steep, south aspect of the slope and the light reflected from the Rhine amplify the solar radiation in this vineyard. History: The name goes back to the family of the Court of Haxthäuser, whose four brothers shared ownership from 1804 to 1835.

Growing Area

Graded area0,48 
Groundred slate
Graded vinesRiesling

Meteorologic Data