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The approximately 9-hectare, south-facing VDP.GROSSE LAGE® SCHWARZER HERRGOTT is located on a limestone plateau. Rocky, pale porous limestone and heavy, loamy layers of marl comprise the steep terraced slope – by no means easy soils to work. The name of this site stems from a huge black crucifix that can be seen from a distance. The Donnersberg Mountain in the west protects the SCHWARZER HERRGOTT (Black Lord) from rain and storms, which can also lead to very dry summers and a low annual precipitation of only 400 mm. The slope warms quickly, often promoting early flowering and a long ripening period for grapes. Valley fog and late frost rarely reach the SCHWARZER HERRGOTT at its 170 to 250 metres a.s.l. History: The English Monk Philipp and his brothers produced wine for the Eucharist here as early as 700 A.C. His monastery was located on the Way of St. James between Speyer and Worms and was one of the most important pilgrimage monasteries in the Middle Ages.

Growing Area

Graded area4,46 
Groundcalcareous marl, solid limestone, clayey lime
Graded vinesRiesling

Meteorologic Data