It is not surprising that limestone dominates the geology of the VDP.GROSSEN LAGE® KALKOFEN. Abundant limestone intersperses loess-loam and marl clay and appears occasionally as gravel in this 5-hectare site. The soil of this south-facing vineyard is heavy and has a medium water storage capacity. The GL KALKOFEN rises from 185 to 200 metres a.s.l. at 2 – 10 % slope. The slight elevation allows the vine rows good aeration and a sandstone wall on the north side protects them. The site is located in a narrow, warm belt along the foothills of the Haardt hills. The average temperatures are high and precipitation is low.   History: The name points not only to the abundance of limestone in this vineyard, but also that there was indeed a Kalkofen (limestone oven) located in this site in the 15th century. The Kalkofen has long been known for the high quality of its wines and was already classified as an Erste Lage in 1828.

Layer profile

Geological data

Elevation130-150m ü. N. N.
GroundSand, Lehm mit Kalkmergel

Meteorologic Data