VDP.GROSE LAGE® ÖLBERG is situated a little farther from the Rhine River above Nierstein. The site has a south to southeast aspect and belongs to the famous Roter Hang (Red Slope), which turns slightly away from the Rhine at this point. The soil in the best parcels of the Niersteiner Ölberg is stems from the Rotliegend sequence of rock strata, a clay slate coloured red by its iron oxide content, characterising the regional landscape. Its structure is often highly fissured, which allows vines to root deeply. The ÖLBERG GL is at an altitude of 80 to 170 metres a.s.l. It includes steep parcels of the hillside with a slope gradient of 65 to 120 percent. The ÖLBERG GL benefits from intense solar radiation due to its south-facing aspect and steepness, but is also occasionally exposed to strong winds. The prevalent grape variety is Riesling. History: It is presumed that the Ölberg (Oil Mountain) was named for the oily texture of its wines.

Layer profile

Geological data

Elevation80-170m ü. N. N.
Groundroter Schiefer, tiefgründiger Broter Boden

Meteorologic Data