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The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® GRAINHÜBEL lies relatively flat (30 % slope) at the edge of Deidesheim in the direction of Forst. The Bunter sandstone that is so typical for the Rhine Plain dominates the soils with loamy sand and loam. A share of basalt and marl clay is also present. The soils are friable and possess good water availability. The 5.4-hectare vineyard faces south and rises from 125-150 metres a.s.l. History: The site was first mentioned as “an der Gryne” in documents dating 1412. The name either stems from “Grain”, which indicates washed away ground, or from “Grien” which points to soil with pebbles and gravel. “Hübel” is a synonym for “Hügel”, which is a hill. According to the viticultural expert Johann Philipp Bronner (1792 – 1864), the site was considered to be the best in Deidesheim in the 19th century. At that time it comprised several parcels: Oberer Grain, Crain Chausse, Grainhübel and Unterer Grain.

Growing Area

Graded area1,73 
Groundsandy loam
Graded vinesRiesling

Meteorologic Data