The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® RAUSCH lies in the middle of the Rausch vineyard slope in about the very same place as the historic “Franzens Knüppchen”. It is located below the forested peak of the hill and looks over the little city of Saarburg toward the Saar River. It has a southeast and south exposition and turns lightly inwards toward a side valley of the Saar. The vineyards climb from 160 to 295 metres a.s.l. at a gradient of 35 to 75 percent. The GL RAUSCH is well protected from the wind and gets sunshine the entire day. Greywacke, soft, finely foliated Devon slate, and reddish fine earth dominate the soil. A volcanic layer also broke the surface and some basalt (diabase) can be found. History: The name comes from “Rusche”, an old dialect term for rubble.

Growing Area

Graded area9,75 
GroundDevon slate, dolerite
Graded vinesRiesling

Meteorologic Data