The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® BERG ROSENECK is situated beneath the Niederwald Monument in Rüdesheim in the Rheingau. The name of the vineyard comes from “Rosenhecke” which means “rose hedge” and refers to the protruding granite cliff within the vineyard where wild rose, rose hip and sloe grow. The south-facing vineyard rises from 160 to 200 metres a.s.l. at a 50 % gradient. The Taunus Mountains shield the site from the wind. The section in the western part of the vineyard, where the soil is very rocky, is among the steepest parcels in Germany. The eastern part of the site is flatter and deep loess loam soil dominates. The GL BERG ROSENECK is a Riesling vineyard. History: Wine was first cultivated here around the year 1200. At that time the vines wandered up the mountain in numerous small terraces. The mule tracks were eventually replaced with bracing walls and paths around 1700. In the course of land consolidation between 1970 and 1985, the paths were paved and the terraced vineyard areas were thus rescued.

Layer profile

Geological data

Elevation170-208m ü. N. N.
Groundloess loam, sandy loam interspersed with slate

Meteorologic Data