VDP.Weinversteigerung at the Nahe


Publikum aus aller Welt bei der „Nassen Versteigerung“ in Bad Kreuznach


The VDP.Nahe provided emotional wine moments on Sunday, 17.09.23 at the since 1912 traditional VDP.wine auction in Bad Kreuznach. It was "Great cinema in the cinema".

The already established online format with livestream of the auction was combined with the traditional "wet auction" with audience on site. For this purpose, the Cineplex Bad Kreuznach was transformed into an auction house. The guests present were able to lean back comfortably in a cinema seat, enjoy the short films of the VDP wineries on the big screen and taste the respective wine during its auction.

In the morning, wine enthusiasts had the opportunity to get an idea of the coveted auction wines at the pre-tasting from 9 to 11 a.m. and to talk personally with the winemakers who presented their auction wines. This also gave the opportunity to make short-lived bids to one of the commissioners.

In the afternoon, VDP.Nahe chairman Frank Schönleber also welcomed nine VDP.wineries from the host regions of Ahr, Pfalz and Rheinhessen to the VDP.wine auction on the Nahe. With the VDP honorary president Michael Prinz zu Salm-Salm as honorary auctioneer and the well prepared moderator Caro Maurer (Master of Wine) it was an entertaining, funny and charming auction.

In the end, 5230 bottles of wine were auctioned, distributed among 35 auction lots. From 35, - € to 13,000, - € ranged the results, converted 388.31 € on 750ml bottles. Thus, both the passionate wine connoisseur as well as the financially strong wine collector could find the right wine for his cellar.

Some highlights of the auction (results plus VAT and fees):

Ahr: The H. J. Kreuzberg winery achieved a bottle price of 93€ for 263 bottles of 2021 Devonschiefer Pinot Noir Reserve.

Winery Wittmann achieved for its 6 magnum bottles 2017' La borne Riesling dry each 1850, - € per bottle

Winery Battenfeld Spanier achieved for the double magnum 2017'1505, -€.

The winery Keller achieved for 125 auction boxes from great sites each 5,565, - € and for 6 3 magnum auction boxes from the great sites 13000, - €.

Pfalz: The winery Philipp Kuhn successfully auctioned 361 bottles of the 2022 PHILIPPSBRUNNEN Riesling GG at 150€ each.

The 2021' Eiswein from the Forster Stift from the winery Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan successfully achieved 270€ each for 240 bottles.

Nahe: The 2022' FINAL from the winery Schäfer-Fröhlich achieved per bottle 0.75l 505, -€ for the magnum 1450, -€. The 22' Riesling GG from the BRÜCKE from the Dönnhoff winery achieved 405,-€ in the 0,75l bottle and 1290,-€ for the magnum. The winery Emrich-Schönleber achieved for 610 bottles 2022' GG AUF DER LEY 201,-€ for the double magnum 1205,-€.

The charity box with the motto 10 Years after and a decade jump to the year 2012, the wines that were at the auction in 2013 achieved a proud price of 6000,-€. This amount goes entirely in favor of the sustainability project "Roots strike" of the district of Bad Kreuznach and finances education in schools for healthy food with greenhouses and accompanying lessons.


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