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"Our idea of Riesling is timeless."



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Björn & Tobias Knewitz

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VDP: What is so special about your winery?

Tobias Knewitz: Our winery is located at the foot of the Westerberg, a prehistoric coral reef. Our most important vineyards extend along this mountain and are thus right on our doorstep. Although these sites are so close geographically, there is an extraordinary soil diversity of chalk, rock, marl and iron ore. The common feature of all the sites is limestone, and among them is one of the most limestone-rich vineyards in Germany: the Hundertgulden in Appenheim.

VDP: What is your winery philosophy?

Björn Knewitz: "Only wine allows man to understand the taste of the earth," the French writer Colette once wrote. We feel the same way. We are proud of our origins and love the diversity of our soils. We want to make the uniqueness of each vineyard tangible. After all, it is the site that reveals the origin, while the grape is the crucial mediator. The wines are an authentic reflection of their origin. The more thoughtful and considerate one works with nature, the more honest will be the wines that emerge.


VDP: For what wine style do you strive?

Tobias Knewitz: We make honest, artisanal wines that are characterized by the interaction of the soil, the climate and the handwriting of the winemaker. The wines are thus a reflection of their origin, which is best shown by their saltiness, pressure on the palate, fine acidity, as well as the distinctive Knewitz spiciness. They are delicate, subtle, cool and purist wines. For us, Riesling is the greatest of all white grapes. Is there any other grape that so precisely and clearly depicts the soil, the climate, the orientation and inclination of the vineyards, the weather pattern and thus the vintage as Riesling is able to do? Is there any other variety that can be developed in so many different ways and whose wines can age for decades and sometimes even centuries? Our idea of Riesling is timeless. It is created in the vineyard and we guide it through the cellar. Above all, we give the Riesling time in our traditional wooden barrels so that it can develop in peace to its full size and complexity.


VDP: Which of your wines would you recommend to someone who does not yet know your winery – as an introduction, so to speak?

Björn Knewitz: Our Gutsriesling is animating, juicy, mineral and fresh. With its typical lime spiciness, it forms the entry point to our style, is serious - without being complicated.

VDP: Of which wine are you particularly proud?

Björn Knewitz: We are proud of all our wines. They continue to develop together with us. Every single wine is a handcrafted product, unique, about which we give a lot of thought. Each wine has a certain potential due to its origin and the weather pattern of that year, which we can fully exploit if we have done our job well in the vineyard. We are also incredibly happy about our cool sites, which - especially in view of climate change - bring great potential for the future.


VDP: Why did you become a vintner?

Björn & Tobias Knewitz: We grew up in a family business and have the winemaking gene in our blood, so to speak. It was always clear to us that we wanted to take over our parents' winery. We simply love the diversity of the profession, the work in and with nature, and ultimately the cultural asset that is wine. What could be better than working on a new "project" every year and then holding your own product in your hands?


VDP: Do you have role models or mentors?

Tobias Knewitz: There are several. Starting with our father, who instilled in us a love of wine and, together with our grandmother, laid the foundation for our current winery. In addition, there are some fellow students like Friedrich Keller and Julian Huber, who inspired us with their work. Philipp Wittmann "sharpened" me during an internship for topics such as terroir Riesling and organic viticulture, as well as Helmut Dönnhoff and Bernhard Breuer, who impressed and motivated us with their life's work and consistency.


VDP: What are your next goals?

Björn & Tobias Knewitz: Rheinhessen is the largest growing region in Germany and incredibly diverse. We want to show the differences of this growing area. The sub-regions such as the Wonnegau or the Rote Hang are known by many. We stand for the north of Rheinhessen and our goal is to make Appenheim and thus the Welzbachtal better known.

VDP: Why should people still visit your winery?

Björn Knewitz: Rheinhessen is "the land of 1000 hills". We are an Aussiedlerhof and therefore located directly in nature and between the hills. The biggest elevation with us is the Westerberg, which lies directly in front of our door and gives us a beautiful view. If you like hiking or walking, you will get your money's worth on our "Hiwweltour". The view of the Rheingau is also not bad ;)


Photos: Peter Bender