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Tatiana Selivanova

Varshavskoe shosse, 36
115230 Moscow

Mail: selivan2004@inbox.ru

Head of Wine School, WSET 2&3 in Wines Educator, Wine Writer, Wine Consultant

VDP: Where and how did you get the wine bug?

Tatiana Selivanova: By occasion in 2004. I was searching for part-time job to pair it with my University classes and I found the position of wine consultant at big supermarket. In a year and a half after I started to go upper and upper in my wine job and now I’m happy to be wine educator.

VDP: Your first encounter with German wines?

Tatiana Selivanova: It was tasting of fresh and lovely Dr Loosen wines which I loved immediately. After it I had so many beautiful German wines tasting, including Wiesbaden GG event with its perfect organisation.

VDP: What is your favourite story to tell about German/VDP.wine – did you have highly emotional experience with our wines / producers?

Tatiana Selivanova: I love to reckon my VDP seminar for boutique and independent Russian winemakers. They were full of attention and interest as they took VDP story as a role model. They were very inspired to state a kind of similar prestigious wine association in Russia. I think it’s a great achievement for one seminar and a great support for local winemaking which is crucial for me.

VDP: How many bottles of German wine/VDP.wines do you have in your cellar?

Tatiana Selivanova: About 20, but my cellar is not that big!

VDP: What is your favourite vineyard in Germany – and why?

Tatiana Selivanova: I guess Mosel’s SONNENUHR which became a kind of synonym of perfect, impeccable German Riesling for me. I also love GOLDBERG because it tastes totally the same as it sounds – powerful, big and precious.

VDP: If it comes to German grape varieties, what is your favourite? Riesling, Spätburgunder or other?

Tatiana Selivanova: Besides Riesling which is no doubt number one I really appreciate Sylvaner (which sounds very similar to my family name) and Scheurebe. I like the latent potential and delicate, complex, dainty character of each of these grape varieties.