Susanne Berglund Krantz

Surbrunnsgatan 7
114 27 Stockholm

Phone: + 46 733 612 103

Wine educator and Winewriter    

VDP: Where and how did you get the wine bug?
Susanne Berglund Krantz: After retiring from a dance career I went to a sommeliereducation at Restaurangakademien in Stockholm, because of my passion for food and wine. Then I was hooked.

VDP: Your first encounter with German wines?
Susanne Berglund Krantz: I have to admit that the first German wine I tasted was Liebfraumilch a very long time ago. After that It could only go one way; up in quality. So, drinking quality wine from Germany was when the German wine institute invited me to Germany to visit vineyards and wineries. We tasted wine after wine with such high quality and I got hooked on the crispy, mineral and bright German Rieslings.

VDP: What is your favourite story to tell about German/ – did you have highly emotional experience with our wines / producers?
Susanne Berglund Krantz: I love talking to students about the different districts and what influences the quality and style. Tasting wines from different districts and discover why it scents and tastes like it does. And also compare one winery to another and their different characters.

VDP: How many bottles of German wine/VDP.wines do you have in your cellar?
Susanne Berglund Krantz: A difficult question, actually I don't know the number, but there are a lot, especially Rieslings and Spätburgunders.

VDP: What is your favourite vineyard in Germany – and why?  
Susanne Berglund Krantz: ONE of my favourite vineyards in Germany is Pechstein, due its sharp, straightforward, stony and volcano mineralic Rieslings finishing with a great sapidity in the end.

VDP: If it comes to German grape varieties, what is your favourite? Riesling, Spätburgunder or other?
Susanne Berglund Krantz: I have a passion for Riesling because of its vibrancy, minerality, fruitiness, diversity, and reflection of its terroir, distinction, ability of combination with food etcetera.