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Roderick Smith MW

Mail: rod@rivierawineacademy.com   

Managing Director, Riviera Wine Academy

VDP: Where and how did you get the wine bug?

Roderick Smith: Working for Oddbins (retailer) in the the UK one Christmas back in 1986.

VDP: Your first encounter with German wines?

Roderick Smith: Not my first, but my best, was visiting Ernst Loosen the week before my MW exams, to remember why I loved wine in the first place. He was great (as he always is) and I passed the exam!

VDP: What is your favourite story to tell about German/VDP.wine – did you have highly emotional experience with our wines / producers?

Roderick Smith: Discovering just how amazingly good Silvaner is on my first visit to Franken.

VDP: How many bottles of German wine/VDP.wines do you have in your cellar?

Roderick Smith: Quite a few and not enough!

VDP: What is your favourite vineyard in Germany – and why?

Roderick Smith: Bremmer Calmont – the wine, the view, the walk.

VDP: If it comes to German grape varieties, what is your favourite? Riesling, Spätburgunder or other?

Roderick Smith: Riesling obviously, but also a huge fan of Silvaner and Scheurebe.