"I see myself as a pioneer of new ideas and part of Rheingau history at the same time."

Achim von Oetinger about his wines and his winery in the Rheingau region

von Oetinger

Rheinallee 1
65346 Eltville-Erbach

Phone+49 (0)6123/62528
Fax+49 (0)6123/62691
Office Hours
Mo + Fr ab 16.00; Sa-So, feiertags ab 12.00

Achim von Oetinger


Achim von Oetinger, Lutz Loosen

Wine Area

14,40 acres

Grape Variety

85% Riesling, 10% Spätburgunder, 5% Grau- & Weissburgunder

VDP:  What is special about your winery?

Achim von Oetinger: In 2008, I decided to focus on quality without exception. Without ifs and buts. To do this, I started again from scratch. Those who know me know my passion for learning new things and my relentlessness to become better. To question everything. So I dedicated myself to the search for more and more quality in wine. The Rheingau is my home, it has its history and a great tradition. I interpret both in a new way. So I have learned from tradition, respect it and at the same time see myself as a pioneer for new ideas and part of history.

VDP:  What style of wine do you aim for? Do you have a favorite grape variety?

Achim von Oetinger: Clearly, RIESLING! In the future, I would like to continue to interpret time-tested traditions typical of the Rhinegau region in a new way, innovatively paired with my personal gut feeling - this is how a true "OE" is created.

"Riesling needs time. Great Riesling needs a lot of time."

VDP:  What is your winery philosophy?

Achim von Oetinger: My wine is different. I make wine with heart and love and passion. Off the beaten track. Mainstream is not my thing. A great wine is not made, a great wine grows in the vineyard. That's where the confidence in the grapes grows. And yet it is only the best that end up in the barrel. Selection is the prerequisite for the very special. So I had every berry in the hand at a Marcobrunn.Working in the cellar, on the other hand, is "controlled idleness". But all the time. I can sit for hours in the cellar, waiting and thinking, while the wines over time become what I imagine.

VDP:  Which of your wines would you recommend to someone who does not yet know your winery - as an introduction?

Achim von Oetinger: No wine shows my idea and philosophy more than my wine "MINERAL".


VDP:  Which wine are you particularly proud of?

Achim von Oetinger: I am particularly proud of my "MARCOBRUNN GG". Only 500 bottles every year; great terroir - more is not possible.

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Photos: Peter Bender