Wines from the VDP wineries in the Rheingau achieve top prices.

This year's Rheingau wine auction VDP.AUKTION.RÉSERVE in Kloster Eberbach achieved a total result of 341,674 euros net with a total of 4,057 bottles knocked down. 

After there had been no visitors to the "wet auction" in Eberbach's Laiendormitorium in the last two years due to the circumstances, this was possible again this year, as good Rheingau auction tradition since 1806. Parallel to the live action in the Laiendormitorium, however, there was also the digital format of the auction, with which the auction action, as in the last two years, could be followed in a live stream. 

In addition to rarities, such as the 1953 Steinberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese [Kloster Eberbach Winery | 5,000 euros] and the benefit wine of the Kloster Eberbach Winery, the 1943 Assmannshäuser Höllenberg Spätburgunder Natur [knockdown at 9,000 euros], there were also iconic wines in large formats that achieved record prices. Thus, the 2020 MONTE VACANO Riesling Methusalem was awarded to the highest bidder at 12,000 euros after a "bidding war". 

But also two special lots of the auction attracted attention. The magnum bottles of the 2015 and 2018 vintages from the Rüdesheimer Krähennest [winery of the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences - the vineyard is supervised by students of the university in a joint project] achieved a remarkable result of 2,520 euros. A "vinological speciality", the double magnum of the 2018 Steinberg Riesling Wild Ferment [Kloster Eberbach winery], found its buyer at 1,500 euros.

Next year, the VDP.AUKTION.RÉSERVE will take place on Saturday, March 9, 2024.

Record results 2023

Allendorf | 2021 Goethewein Riesling | 12 L 
6.000 Euro 

Kloster Eberbach | 1943 Assmannshäuser Höllenberg Spätburgunder Natur | 0,7 L 
9.000 Euro 

Prinz | 2021 Marcobrunn Riesling GG | 6 L 
5.200 Euro 

Robert Weil | 2020 MONTE VACANO Riesling | 6 L 
12.000 Euro 


*All prices are net, excluding taxes and fees and rounded to the nearest euro.