VDP.initiative From Eagle to Angels

Of course, wine cannot help or heal during this time. Especially it cannot express the gratitude that we want to express to the heroes of this time. But it can give pleasure, if you can finally come to rest at some point. And if we can make thereby someone happy, we would like to do that gladly.


From the health industry, the care up to the basic supply - we would like to convey a small sign of our gratitude to the "angels" of this time, who carry the load for many humans in Germany up-to-date, untiringly their job and are more demanded than others, we would like to.  Therefore we have brought the action #vomadlerfürengel into being. It is not about a big message, but rather about a small gesture. For some it is the hospital in the region, for others it is the staff of the retirement home next door. How many bottles and to whom they are donated is decided by each of our winemakers. 
Little by little we want to list all donors here.