VDP.Harvest 2021

The grape harvest started unusually late this year. While in previous years the wineries were already busy in the vineyards in August, this year autumn seemed to have taken its time.

Why is that? If we look back at the beginning of this year, warm temperatureswere not very common in spring. Accordingly, budding in the vineyards began late. No sooner did the supposed spring come to an end than the summer hardly resembled our expectations. Rainy days upon rainy days - on the one hand wonderful for nature to replenish urgently needed water reserves, on the other hand a challenge for the winegrowers. Because humid conditions favor the spread of diseases, especially peronospora (downy mildew) and these want to be controlled. So you can imagine how small the weather-proof windows were in which wineries had the opportunity to practice plant protection. Even the ususally very hot August was surprisingly cool, which delayed the start of harvest additionally.

2021 shows once again that no vintage is like the other. One thing, however, remains the same every year: the anticipation of the harvest and the excitement of how the conditions typical of the year will show up in the glass. So let's remain curious, the starting signal has already been given by many winegrowers.

VDP.Takeover during harvest

Be in the middle of the grape harvest from home - our winemakers take you live into their daily harvest routine at least twice a week on Instagram. Either watch the Instagram story on the deadline or catch up conveniently. We always publish the takeovers in our highlights on our account @vdp.diepraedikatsweingueter.

Oct 6th

Oct 8th
Matthias Müller

Oct 11th

Oct 13th

Oct 15th
Domäne Castell (VDP)

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