VDP.Weingut Gunderloch

Riesling GG

300 bottles | 0,75 l | starting price 45,00€ net/bottle

"What makes the wine so unique is the balance and its depth. Resting in itself, slumbers a Riesling of the extra class, carried by finesse and the spice, turned to the elegance, rooted and devoted to the red slope! Sublime!"   - Gerhardt Retter -

The Fenchelberg parcel is located exactly on the border between Rothenberg and Pettenthal, in a sense representing their link. In the Fenchelberg, natural springs emerge, a special feature in the otherwise dry Roter Hang. These springs had almost dried up after the land consolidation. In the meantime, the water has found its way again and thus provides the vines with moisture all year round. The vineyard recedes somewhat from the main flank of the Red Slope, an implied amphitheater formerly shaded by the slope. The Fenchelberg is bordered by shady trees and a band of reeds. Therefore, the site is cooler, the grapes ripen more slowly here and are picked only at the very end of the harvest.

Since our family has been farming the Rothenberg, this parcel has always been part of our top wines. Until now, its grapes were mostly part of the Rothenberg Auslese. But my parents also harvested the berries for the Rotenberg TBA, which received 100 points three times in Wine Spectator. As noble rot often failed to appear in the increasingly dry climate, we realized in recent years that this extremely exciting parcel also produces outstanding dry wines with a character all their own. Cooler than the Rothenberg, spicier than the Pettenthal: FENCHELBERG VDP.GG!