Cultural workers in the vineyard –
Why people become winegrowers

With its campaign to mark the 50th anniversary of the VDP.Weinbörse in Mainz, the VDP is drawing attention to the many beautiful aspects of the winemaking profession.The aim is to motivate and encourage young people to choose this unique profession.The 200 winegrowers have literally put their reasons for choosing this profession on the bottle – and soon on the billboards of major German cities.

In the cultural landscape of German wine regions, hard work in agriculture merges with the continuous progress of science and creative art to form a unique craft – that of the winegrower. They all share the vision of turning a simple fruit, the grape, into a cultural asset of incomparable origin and tradition.

The question of why someone chooses this profession seems to be answered on the surface. But in truth, the reasons are as varied as the grape varieties and their terroirs. Every winegrower has their own "why", their own personal motivation that drives them to create a unique product year after year – regardless of the weather.

The members of the VDP open their hearts and talk about the 200 reasons why they are winegrowers. These reasons may be many and varied, but they are all based on shared values: a connection with nature, the preservation of culture, a love of the landscape, the pursuit of sustainability, the enjoyment of the product, the passing on of a family heritage and deep roots in their homeland.

"The vines, the wine & the people.The craft, the art & the freedom."

The 200 winegrowers give the campaign a face. They are presented in the form of purist black-and-white portraits and literally accompanied by their personal reason.

All of this leads to the milestone of social sustainability that the winegrowers of the VDP have set themselves for the year 2024. The focus here is on the next generation of winegrowers – whether within or outside the VDP. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is crucial to motivate and strengthen the next generation. With more than 130 training companies, the VDP plays a pioneering role as an important trainer in the German wine industry and thus supports trainees and career changers. At the same time, the campaign represents an appreciation of the next generation in the VDP.Estates, as people have often decided to carry on the family legacy. In short, the campaign is a political message that is intended to generate enthusiasm and reinforcement among nature, culture and craft lovers and convey a strong image of the winegrowing profession.

Where will the campaign be shown?

It will be present both in public spaces and on the original and target product of all members, their wine. On digital screens in major German cities, it will arouse the curiosity of viewers in collaboration with our partner WallDecaux AG. As a special edition, the portraits of the 200 winegrowers will be emblazoned in a unique Polaroid style on the labels of 200 unique magnum bottles of the VDP.GROSSE LAGE® classification level, accompanied by a personal statement explaining why each of the 200 personalities has become a winegrower. The online communication and social media presence of the VDP and its members will accompany this journey.

The VDP campaign goes far beyond the marketing of wine.It is a plea for the passion, tradition and future of this unique craft.It celebrates the people behind the wine and invites the world to hear their stories, taste their wines and share their vision of a hopeful future in viticulture.

This has never happened before: 200 personal unique wines from all VDP.winegrowers in magnum bottles

With its anniversary campaign on the occasion of 50 years VDP.Weinbörse, the VDP is drawing attention to the many beautiful aspects of the winegrowing profession – and wants to motivate and encourage young people to choose this unique profession. The 200 winegrowers literally bottled their reasons for choosing this profession. This resulted in 200 unique magnums, which will be available for sale as an one-off and limited edition on April 15th 2024 at 7:10 pm.

What makes these bottles so special is not only the exquisite wine itself (99% wines of the are VDP.GROSSE LAGE® classification level, i.e. GGs, but also Prädikat and auction wines), but rather the excitement of the unknown: Because with every purchase of a magnum bottle, you acquire a piece of wine history, have the chance of an unforgettable experience and support the next generation of winegrowers in Germany.

What is contained in the VDP.Anniversary Magnum?

1. Each of the 200 magnum bottles is a special edition. An absolutely unique piece that tells its own story, characterized by tradition, craftsmanship and passion. Each bottle has a special, custom-made portrait label including a personalized addition of the question: "Why am I a winegrower?" – and is only available once in the world. (The unique magnums are packaged in exclusive VDP wooden boxes)


2. A ticket that cannot be purchased anywhere else for our exclusive anniversary celebration on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the VDP.Weinbörse in Mainz on Saturday evening, April 27th 2024, 6 p.m., in Mainz. On this evening it will be announced which ticket will receive which bottle of wine and you will have the unique chance to spend an exciting evening with special wines, the international wine world and our VDP.winegrowers.


3. Last but not least: with your purchase you support the next generation of winegrowers in Germany. The proceeds will be used, among other things, to support young talents who will continue and enrich the heritage of our winecultural landscape.


Unfortunately, all packages have been sold out since the evening of April 15th. We would like to thank you for your enormous interest and support!

©VDP by Peter Bender