"In order to bring out the specificity of site, soil and vintage, we cultivate our vineyards biodynamically and keep interventions to a minimum during vinification."



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Thomas Hensel


Andreas Schumann

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7,00 acres

Grape Variety

Riesling, Weißburgunder, Auxerrois, Silvaner, Rieslaner, Gewürztraminer


Basalt, Bundsandstein, Muschelkalk, Keuper

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VDP: What is special about your winery?

Andreas Schumann: The winery and the vineyards are situated in a unique ecological niche high above the rest of the region, surrounded by meagre meadows with great ecological diversity, old mixed forest and an old basalt quarry. The classicist estate villa towers over the Odinstal monopoly site.

VDP: What is your winery philosophy?

Andreas Schumann: We cultivate the vineyards biodynamically. In this sense, we strive for an agricultural individuality that works in cycles and delivers high-quality products every year that nourish body, mind and soul with almost no input from outside.


VDP: What style of wine do you strive for?

Andreas Schumann: The style results from the philosophy of bringing as little outside input into the system as possible. Accordingly, all wines ferment spontaneously without temperature control and also undergo spontaneous acid reduction. Tannin structure comes from co-fermented grapes and stems. The wines remain unsulphured on the full lees for a long time and are usually only minimally filtered before being bottled with very little sulphur. The resulting style is not loud, the fruit restrained. Instead, the wines are gripping and long. Riesling is certainly the variety that most authentically reflects the location here as well.

"A healthy agricultural individuality can produce high quality food that nourishes body and mind year after year without significant input. This is terroir thinking in its most consistent form!"

VDP: Which of your wines would you recommend to someone who does not yet know your winery?

Andreas Schumann: ODINSTAL Pinot Blanc 350 N.N. is our most popular wine. It represents three of our four existing geologies, does not overwhelm the novice and does not bore the connoisseur.


VDP: Which wine are you particularly proud of?

Andreas Schumann: Our Riesling 190 N.N. [Nakt], in which we ferment three vintages in one another. An extreme orange wine. The plot is not accessible by tractor and is cultivated purely by hand. Here we do without sulphur and copper in the plant protection and treat only with plant tea, compost extract, whey and rock flour.

VDP: Why did you become a winemaker?

Andreas Schumann: The variety of work in nature, craftsmanship, plant cultivation, microbiology in the soil and cellar, technology in the cellar and in bottling, technology on the tractors, design, sales and administration is unique. There is never a dull moment.

VDP: Do you have any role models?

Andreas Schumann: Hans-Günter Schwarz (cellar master at Müller-Catoir 1959-2001) introduced me to the Hensel family (owners of the winery) and was certainly the most formative trainer for me. From him I learned not only quality fanaticism, but also social competence and how to infect your team with your own enthusiasm. Also that you have to go your own way, even if it goes against the current doctrine.

VDP: What are your next goals?

Andreas Schumann: We continue to work on the topics of "agricultural individuality" and the sustainability of our material flows.

Pictures: © F. Hensel