VDP.estate Philipp Kuhn


300 bottles | 0,75 l | exclamation price 50,00€ net/bottle


The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® only covers around 1.8 hectares. PHILIPPsBRUNNEN is situated in a unique limestone belt in Zell in the North Palatinate. It is therefore the northernmost VDP.GROSSE LAGE in the Palatinate.  The special feature is blue, very stony, limestone marl which is interspersed with the typical limestones from the Tertiary. The vineyard is bordered in the upper section by a wall, similar to what is often common in Burgundy. The village of Zell was first mentioned in the records of St. Philip of Zell. Who of course also gave his name to the vineyard. This monk christianised the region around 700 AD and founded a monastery nearby. In the early Middle Ages Zell (Cellula) was one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Germany and St. Philipp planted his vineyard for the mass in this location, which was a quarter of an hour's walk from his monastery. According to written records, PHILIPPsBRUNNEN and the adjacent SCHWARZE HERRGOTT are among the oldest documented vineyards in the Palatinate. Not far from there the Donnersberg (with 700m the highest elevation of the Palatinate) protects the site. This karstic, chalky, rugged landscape and the cooler altitude give the wine its unmistakable character. Accordingly, the wine from this unmistakable mountain range has an unbelievable vibration and embodies a great dry Riesling of old style! The PHILIPPsBRUNNEN by PHILIPP KUHN is a pure auction wine and a real unique. There are only 300 bottles of it.