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The Estates ‘Böhme & Töchter’ and ‘Schwarz’ are new members of the VDP.
This was decided by the members of the VDP.Saxony/Saale-Unstrut.

On 25 August, the regional association VDP.Sachsen/Saale-Unstrut expands by two more wineries to a total of seven members. The estates Martin Schwarz and Böhme &Töchter are now members of the Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP). The decision of the VDP.Sachsen/Saale-Unstrut was announced at Schloss Proschwitz. Chairman of the region, Prof. Dr. Georg Prinz zur Lippe is pleased: a‘With the inclusion of the Böhme & Töchter and Martin Schwarz wineries, the VDP.Sachsen/Saale- Unstrut and thus the entire VDP not only gains two excellent and innovative wineries, but in particular with Martin Schwarz, Grit Geißler, Marika and Sandro Sperk four wonderful, committed colleagues and strong characters’.


VDP.Estate Böhme & Töchter

The development of the Böhme & Töchter Estate began in 1986. The grandparents and parents of Marika and Toska Böhme planted their first vines in Gleina that year. More than 30 years later, Marika and Sandro Sperk, the younger generation, took over the fate of the winery. After years of travelling and studying in Geisenheim, they have managed to lead their winery into the top class of the Saale-Unstrut wine region in just a few years. With consistency, courage, openness and an affinity for innovation, they create site wines with a special character and originality. These wines are becoming increasingly popular, especially with a young audience.   

Their vines grow on the ‘Schweigenberg’, the prime site of the ‘Freyburger Edelacker’, in a purely south-facing location on a terroir characterised by weathered shell limestone soil. Concentrated on the Burgundy grape varieties Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay, these are complemented here by elegant Riesling. At Zscheiplitzer Himmelreich, Burgundy and blue Zweigelt grow on loess loam up to 70 cm thick, resting on the weathered shell limestone. These wines are more powerful and rich in extract. Marika and Sandro Sperk are dedicated to the authenticity and quality of their wine.

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VDP.Estate Martin Schwarz

After a period of discovery and an internship at the VDP.Estate Dr. Heger, Martin Schwarz studied viticulture in Geisenheim. He travelled to the European wine-growing regions and got inspired there in many ways. After graduating as a viticultural engineer, he became cellar master at the reestablished VDP.Estate Schloss Proschwitz in 1996. Here he expanded his wealth of experience over the years and shaped the Proschwitz wine style for more than a decade and a half. In 2002, together with his partner Grit Geißler, he began to build up his own winegrowing business in addition to his work as cellar master at Schloss Proschwitz. After his wines had been vinified in the cellars of Schloss Proschwitz for 10 years, he became self-employed in 2013 and set up his own winery in Meißen.   

In the terraced Radebeul vineyards ‘Goldener Wagen’, ‘Radebeuler Johannisberg’ and ‘Radebeuler Steinrücken’, his vines enjoy a special terroir of weathered granite, syenite and prophyry. This gives these wines a high minerality and individuality. The vineyard site ‘Meißner Kapitelberg’ generates wines with an elegant and distinctive character on weathered soils of granite and syenite. His passion for producing high-quality Pinot Noirs in particular is reflected in a growing fan community year after year. His Burgundy collection belongs to the absolute top of winegrowing on the Elbe. For Grit and Martin, the quality philosophy is at the centre of their viticultural thinking and actions. This clear signature is reflected in all their wines.

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