Photos can leave you stunned. Especially when they are like the ones we see in the news of the floods and storms in the wine-growing areas.
A financial support package for all viticulture in the Ahr region.


We would like to express our deepest solidarity and our thoughts are with all those affected by the storm in NRW and RLP, especially in the Ahr valley. The floods have hit many wineries in the region hard and are worrying the entire wine world. Now that initial relief efforts are underway, marked by incredible and impressive solidarity among colleagues from all over Germany, a long-term measure of the impact on viticulture in the Ahr can slowly be estimated. Barrels have been washed away, halls and houses have collapsed, more than an entire vintage has been lost - the coming vintage must be protected, vineyards cultivated, often without the now missing equipment.

How can we help?
In order to make the processes of coming to terms with what has happened and the reconstruction work associated with investments a little more sorrow-free, we have decided to launch this appeal for donations. Together with you, we would like to create a financial aid package for viticulture in the Ahr region that will give hope and confidence to all winegrowers during this difficult time.


How does the donation work?
The donation contribution is freely selectable and can be transferred directly to the association "Der Adler hilft e.V.". All donations benefit the reconstruction of the Ahr wine-growing region.


Donation account: Der VDP.Adler hilft e.V.
Rheingauer Volksbank
IBAN: DE 21 5109 1500 0000 2045 28

Subject: Solidarity Ahr Viticulture

But at the same time, pictures can also create memories and be hope for the future. That is why we are sending the wine landscape of the Ahr as a print to you saying thank you!

You can speak of luck or fortune - Almost three weeks ago, we were in the wine-growing region on the Ahr for over two days to capture the unique region photographically and to portray the resident wineries of the VDP. During this time, apart from the outstanding red wines, we once again fell in love with the impressive natural landscape with its steep slopes and the warm personalities of the Ahr Valley.

We would very much like to thank you for your help and support by sending you a high-quality print. Please send your postal address via eMail to the following address: 


A thousand thanks for your support! We'll keep you posted and wish everyone only the best.

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*Whoever would like to have a donation receipt issued, please contact us at the following mail address: Up to € 300, the proof of transfer is sufficient for tax recognition. Donation receipts will be issued by the end of this year.

"Der VDP.Adler hilft"
Kaiserstraße 6A
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein 

Rheingauer Volksbank eG
Winkeler Str. 64a
65366 Geisenheim