A taste for the future - An outlook on the IMW Symposium 2023 in Germany | Sarah Harrison Head of Operations at IMW

An introduction to the IMW and the MW study programme. With Sarah Harrison (Head of Operations Programme and Development Institute of Masters of Wine, London)


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The Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) is the home of exceptional expertise in the wine world. What started 70 years ago as an exam for the UK wine trade is now a globally recognised title collectively held by a worldwide family of Masters of Wine. Today, there are 416 MWs based in 31 countries, each making their own contribution to the world of wine. Becoming an MW means entering a unique wine community; one that brings enriching personal and professional opportunities, as well as lifelong friendships.
Join Sarah Harrison (Head of Operations, IMW) and a Master of Wine as they provide an overview of the Institute of Masters of Wine and the MW study programme. This includes entrance requirements, study programme structure, information on the exam and the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the programme from an MW. This session is suitable for those who are interested in finding out more about the programme, especially those considering undertaking it in the future.


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