K. F. Groebe

Weingut K.F. Groebe has been in the family's hands for more than 250 years. Friedrich and Manuela Groebe cultivate nearly nine hectares of vines in Westhofen, concentrated in renowned sites such as AULERDE, KIRCHSPIEL and MORSTEIN. 2012 saw WEINGUT K.F. GROEBE return to its traditional home of Westhofen. Friedrich Groebe’s signature wine style reflects his own distinctive mix of organic cultivation, spontaneous fermentation and barrel aging.  The winemaker's pride and joy: long-lived, nobly sweet Rieslings of international repute. His wines undergo an extended maturation on the lees before being bottled. Patience, intuition and attention are the keys to managing maturation, not unnecessary interventions or high tech solutions. This approach gives Groebe the flexibility for targeted stylistic exploration, with an eye toward better expression of the individual vintage and the larger German Riesling tradition.  It requires an unflagging pioneer spirit, yet opens up the freedom to create wines entirely in line with his own confident vision.

Owner Friedrich Groebe

Winemaker Friedrich Groebe

Outside Manager Friedrich Groebe

VDP member since 2000

Hectares of vineyards 8

Bottle production 55 000

Grape varieties 70% Riesling, je 10% Silvaner & Grauburgunder, 8% Spätburgunder u.a.

Geology Lössboden mit Gehängelehm & tonigen, kiesigen Sanden im Untergrund (Aulerde), Kalksteinverwitterungsboden & Tonmergel (Kirchspiel, Morstein)

Vineyards AULERDE, Westhofen | VDP.GROSSE LAGE®
Westhofen | aus VDP.ERSTEN LAGEN®²

Growing area Rheinhessen

Memberships Vinissima

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K. F. Groebe

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Mainzer Straße 18
67593 Westhofen

Tel: +49 (0)6244/4523
Fax: +49 (0) 62449191617

E-Mail: weingut.k.f.groebe(at)t-online(dot)de