Hans Wirsching

The Wirsching name is synonymous with dry Silvaners. The tradition-rich estate in Iphofen prides itself on meticulous and measured soil management. The roots of the winery's stately old vines reach deep, transporting a notable concentration of minerals from the soil into the grapes. The resulting wines are remarkable for their ability to chronicle the taste of the region and its people — and for foreshadowing a fine future to come. Every bottle bears the collective influence of the family's 375 years of winemaking, without masking the contributions of each new generation. The estate is currently in the deft hands of a new generation, Andrea and Lena. Staunch advocates of the Bocksbeutel bottle, the Wirschings believe it is the perfect showcase for their prized varietal: the Silvaners that have made them famous.

Owner Dr. Heinrich Wirsching

Winemaker Werner Probst

VDP member since 1983

Hectares of vineyards 93,5

Bottle production 520 000

Grape varieties 40% Silvaner, 22% Riesling, 10% Grau- & Weissburgunder sowie Scheurebe & Spätburgunder

Geology Gipskeuper aus dem Trias, Einlagerungen von Schilfgrassandsteinen aus der Jurazeit

Vineyards KAMMER, Iphofen | VDP.GROSSE LAGE®
Kronsberg, Iphofen | VDP.ERSTE LAGE®
Küchenmeister, Rödelsee | VDP.ERSTE LAGE®
Kalb, Iphofen | VDP.ERSTE LAGE®
Mönchshütte, Iphofen | VDP.ERSTE LAGE®

Growing area Franken

Memberships Deutsches Barrique Forum

Wine tasting Weinproben nach Vereinbarung

Restaurant Zur Iphöfer Kammer

Hans Wirsching

Opening times Mo-Fr 8.00-18.00; Sa 9.00-18.00; So 10.00-12.30 sowie nach Vereinbarung

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Ludwigstraße 16
97346 Iphofen

Tel: +49 (0)9323/87330
Fax: +49 (0)9323/873390

E-Mail: info(at)wirsching(dot)de