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Melanie & Matthias


Get to know the wines of the VDP.Prädikatsweingüter!
In March 2020 you will find the Wines of the VDP.Estate Bickel-Stumpf from Frickenhausen in Franconia in our monthly Winepackage

The VDP.Estate Bickel-Stumpf from Frickenhausen, Franconia

Bipolar - that characterises the people and the wines of the Bickel Stumpf Estate. Two siblings who share the management of the VDP.Estate, two different vineyard sites, far apart, two different soils, but one common goal – to make the best Silvaner. Matthias, also known as Matze, shapes the wine style with a lot of understatement, little superficial fruit and a lot of tension. Melanie, also called Melie, came back to the Estate in 2012. With the drive "to make wines that move us and others. "This includes as an absolute principle of Bickel-Stumpf that there are only wines from our own vineyards. "We are winegrowers in the best sense", Matze is often quoted. There is no purchase of grapes, juice or even wine. They work "slowly", they are members of the "Slow Food" association and are committed to an agriculture that respects the environment, biodiversity and cultural identity. An important part of this is the manual work in the vineyard: sustainable, loving attention to detail and with a great deal of respect for the artisan tradition of their region, they lovingly care for their vineyards, pick their ripe berries by hand, meticulously select them during the harvest and sometimes even work the soil by hand – especially in the VDP.ERSTEN and VDP.GROSEN LAGEN®. All this – and the subsequent gentle vinification in Franconian wooden barrels – is the secret of Bickel-Stumpf wines.

The Winepackage
„Franconia Fusion“

Silvaner from Franconian terroirs – a family history that has become wineIn the area of conflict between shell limestone and mottled sandstone, Bickel-Stumpf's has been working for over four decades to press Silvaner wines from different terroirs. In 1971 Reimund Stumpf drove with his black beetle from Thüngersheim to Frickenhausen for the first time to visit his new girlfriend Carmen Bickel. He married her in 1976. It is the fusion of two outstanding Franconian terroirs. In Frickenhausen, also called "Mamas Terroir", shell limestone dominates, in Thüngersheim red sandstone. On the Frickenhausen Muschelkalk soils there have been vines for 1100 years, the wines that come from there are known for their delicate melting, and a fine salinity sometimes more, sometimes less, but always fine creamy. The wines from the Thüngersheim red sandstone soils, on the other hand, shine with cool minerality and are characterized by a consistent "straightness". A wine package that takes you on a tasteful journey along the Main-River and opens up the facets of the Franconian Silvaner.

2018 Thüngersheim Silvaner Bundsandstein trocken | VDP.ORTSWEIN
Fine Silvaner from Thüngersheim. Light and discreetly fruity in the glass. It is straightforward with mineral acidity. An independent character head, which reflects this terroir excellently. Perfect with poultry, asparagus and fish spices and herbs, great pressure, decent reverberation.

2018 Frickenhausen Silvaner Muschelkalk trocken | VDP.ORTSWEIN
Elegant Silvaner with creamy enamel and mineral notes grown on a shell limestone soil. Lemon yellow in colour, clear and reflective. Mineral, distinct floral aromas and a mix of meadow herbs. Fine delicate acidity, complex and full-bodied, long finish.

2018 Thüngersheimer Johannisberg Silvaner trocken | VDP.ERSTE LAGE®
Tight train with yellow aromas of quince and ripe apple. Flint and caps complete the style of the wine, which has both shell limestone and mottled sandstone aromas. Fine minerality in the mouth tight and harmonious; with a long finish.

2017 Frickenhausener Kapellenberg Gemischter Satz trocken | VDP.ERSTE LAGE®
The Urfränkischer Gemischter Satz traditionally contains two thirds neutral grape varieties such as Silvaner, Riesling and Elbling. The last third is made up of spicy, tasty, intense grape varieties such as Muskateller, Traminer and Goldmuskateller. This mix brings the incomparable kick of fruit and minerality. This tension gives the wine its great versatility: from seafood to stews. The mixed set can always contribute something.

Scent of tarragon and sage biting mineral/phenolic and vibrant play, finest herbal aroma juicy, very ripe acidity. The wine hangs forever on the palate and carves itself deeply into it.

Gunpowder, fenugreek; appears youthful and juicy, Burgundy nutty touch. Rather cool, with substance, distinct planty notes and light earthy-mineral tones; whets the appetite immediately.


1x 2018 Thüngersheim Silvaner Buntsandstein trocken | VDP.ORTSWEIN

1x 2018 Frickenhausen Silvaner Muschelkalk trocken | VDP.ORTSWEIN

1x 2018 Thüngersheimer Johannisberg Silvaner trocken | VDP.ERSTE LAGE®

1x 2017 Frickenhausener Kapellenberg Gemischter Satz trocken | VDP.ERSTE LAGE®


1x 2016 ROTHLAUF Silvaner GG | VDP. GROSSE LAGE®

At VDP.Estate Bickel-Stumpf
Kirchgasse 5
97252 Frickenhausen am Main
Phone: +49 (0) 9331-2847
Price 6 Wines: Price: 105,00 Euro / Special price incl. 19 percent VAT and shipping (within Germany without islands), no further costs. Offer subject to change according to availability.

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