The quality standards of the VDP

In order to produce wines that are consistent with the VDP’s high quality standards, its members must adhere to stringent, in-house critera.

These are considerably higher than the minimums prescribed by law for Qualitätswein, but the VDP regards them as essential for the production of wines that truly reflect quality.

Weinlese (c) Weingut Rudolf Fürst

These criteria include:

  • Members practice ecologically responsible viticulture.
  • At least 80% of members’ vineyards are planted with traditional grape varieties.
  • Reduced yields of 75 hl/ha*; the higher the quality category, the lower the maximum yield.
  • Must weights are higher than the minimum prescribed by law.
  • Harvesting by hand is mandatory for VDP.ERSTE LAGE© and VDP.GROSSE LAGE©VDP.GROSSE LAGE as well as Prädikat qualities from Auslese through Eiswein.
  • Grosslage (collective vineyard site) appellations are prohibited.

In addition, wines in the classification categories VDP.ORTSWEIN, VDP.ERSTE LAGE©, and VDP.GROSSE LAGE© are subject to increasingly stringent quality criteria, respectively.

Neither high-tech, mass production nor genetically modified grape varieties nor synthetic viticultural practices are compatible with the quality standards of the VDP. 


* We work in and with nature and are often left captive to the whims of the weather. For this reason, we do upon occasion allow vintage-specific regional exceptions to our statutes if the conditions demand it. Among the factors taken into account are the steepness of the vineyards and the number of planted vines.