The principles of the VDP’s quality philosophy

Striving to achieve the highest quality possible is deeply rooted in the VDP and we have a very clear conception of what quality means to us. We want handcrafted, culturally inspired wines that reflect their origin. Wines that are authentic...that impart joie de vivre...that illustrate the entire stylistic diversity of Germany’s wine-growing regions.

Kräuterkammer, Ahr (c) Weingut Meyer-Näkel

The following tenets sum up how we pursue our commitment to quality.

We strive to achieve the highest quality possible.

Our focus on top quality underlies all of our endeavors, whether we opt for a proactive or a hands-off approach. Top-quality wines that reflect their origin are the key to establishing the world-class status that German viticulture deserves.


We recognize that origin decisively influences wine quality.

The quality and character of a wine are inextricably linked with its origin – soil, topography, climate, and microclimate. For this reason, we have classified our members’ vineyard sites. The narrower the appellation of origin, the more stringent the quality criteria. The “grosse Weine aus grossen Lagen” (great wines from great sites) represent the peak of quality.

We produce our wines in harmony with nature.

Our soils and their inherent fertility are our most precious asset. Only a vine that grows in harmony with nature can bring forth a wine in which its unique origin is perceptible. As such, the preservation of our vineyards is our utmost priority.

We cultivate traditional grape varieties.

The grape is the mouthpiece of the vineyard, for it is the only medium through which we can perceive the singular nature of a terroir. To keep this dialogue intact, we concentrate on grape varieties that best express a terroir’s site-specific characteristics. In Germany, this includes Riesling, Silvaner, and white and red Pinots.

We believe that less is more.

Great achievements often require sacrifice. With regard to viticulture, this applies to yields. We limit yields to increase the concentration of natural sugars, aromas, and minerals in our grapes.

We feel that vines and wines need time.

Patience and serenity are two important character traits of a wine-grower. From the vine to the cellar, we give our wines the time they need to reach their optimal potential.

We uphold our tradition.

Collectively, the members of the VDP share more than 20,000 years of viticultural tradition – a unique wealth of experience, knowledge, and convictions that we preserve and foster to impart to the next generation of quality-oriented wine-growers.

We produce wines with style and personality.

Great wines are not only expressions of their terroirs of origin, but also the works of individual creativity. We view ourselves as craftsmen and artists that help viticulture develop into wine culture.