Membership in the VDP

The VDP sees itself as a quality elite in German viticulture and some of the nation’s most renowned wine estates number among its members. For this reason, the prerequisites for membership are quite strictly defined.

Membership in the VDP can neither be purchased nor applied for. Membership is by invitation only to those whose long-term, outstanding quality has been recognized in Germany and abroad, and has sufficiently impressed VDP members to extend an invitation to join.

The VDP logo - symbol of membership on capsules (c) VDP

Regular estate inspections ensure that members are actually complying with the VDP’s stringent regulations. Every five years at the latest each VDP estate is put through its pace.


The prerequisites for VDP membership include:


  • Commitment to the VDP’s quality philosophy and compliance with its principles and quality standards.
  • Estate management is a full-time job, whereby operations - from vineyard management to winemaking and marketing measures - are carried out at the member’s own estate by highly qualified personnel.
  • An estate’s appearance and facilities project an image commensurate with the VDP’s high quality standards.
  • VDP members have holdings in good and and outstanding vineyard sites.
  • The VDP logo - a stylized eagle bearing a cluster of grapes - is mandatory on capsules. Members and their wines benefit from the logo’s high recognition value.