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Seminar booklet on VDP.Classification

The seminar booklet provides an in-depth look at the VDP.Classification: background, evolution, and current status. Available in German and English, free of charge, from VDP national headquarters.

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Flyer on VDP.Classification

The flyer provides a quick overview of the key points related to the VDP.Classification. Available in German, English, Spanish, French, and Chinese, free of charge, from VDP national headquarters.

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The VDP.CLASSIFICATION is not part of the official German wine law but rather an in-house statute of Gemany’s Prädikat wine estates in which the quality of a wine is defined according to “terroir,” i.e., origin and quality are inherently linked. Although the classification is only binding for VDP member estates, it is seminal for quality-oriented German viticulture as a whole.

The goal of the VDP.CLASSIFICATION is to assess the quality potential of Germany’s very best vineyard sites; secure the future of Germany’s unique viticultural landscape; restore esteem for Germany’s outstanding dry wines; and underscore the traditional connotation of the Prädikats as attributes reserved for wines with natural, ripe sweetness.

The four-tier VDP.CLASSIFICATION is the key to terroir-driven viticulture in Germany.

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The VDP Classificationpyramid (c) VDP

VDP.GROSSE LAGE© – The peak of the pyramid

VDP.GROSSE LAGE© designates the very best vineyards of Germany, within which the finest parcels have been narrowly demarcated. With their site-specific characteristics, these wines are particularly expressive and have exceptional aging potential. They are planted with traditional varieties best suited to a particular site, as determined by each region.


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VDP.ERSTE LAGE© - First class

VDP.ERSTE LAGE© designates first-class vineyards with distinctive characteristics. They provide optimal growing conditions, as evidenced over a long period of time. They are planted with traditional varieties, as determined by each region.

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VDP.ORTSWEIN –Sourced from superior soils

VDP.ORTSWEINE, or village wines, originate from a village’s good, traditional vineyards that are planted with grape varieties typical of their region. Yield restrictions are also a criterion for wines of this category.

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VDP.GUTSWEIN – Good from the ground up

VDP.GUTSWEINE, or regional wines, originate from an estate’s holdings within a region. They are entry-level house wines that meet the general quality standards prescribed by the VDP and provide a good introduction to the VDP’s hierarchy that inherently links wine quality with origin

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