The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® SCHLOSS SAARSTEINER faces south-southeast and makes a small turn toward the west just north of the village Serrig. The vineyard climbs from 140 to 220 metres a.s.l. at a steep 40 to very steep 70 percent slope gradient. The steeps part of the GL is on the west end and looks toward the Saar River. The east side lies protected in a flatter convex swale. The soil and the microclimate of the 8.5-hectare vineyard is quite heterogeneous. The main variety, Riesling, is planted on greywacke, slate, and brown earth. Reddish bands are found in the western parts of the vineyard, while in the east there is oil shale and very weathered slate. The neighbouring municipal forest provides the site with sufficient water.

Growing Area

Graded area2,91 
Graded vinesRielsing

Meteorologic Data