VDP.SHARES KNOWLEDGE ... | ... with Master of Wine-Students from seven countries

For the first time preparations for the prestigious Master of Wine exams, considered the highest and most difficult qualification in the world, took place in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in the Pfalz wine region.

Nine MW students from seven countries prepared for their theory exams, which will take place this June.  The Germane Wine Institute (GWI) joined forces with the VDP.German Prädikat Wine Estates (VDP) to offer MW students a programme to prepare for the theoretical part of the MW exams.

Seminar days took place in the historic city museum in the Villa Böhm while a richly varied side event program included visits to VDP.Wine Estates and tastings with Generation Riesling. A special highlight for the international participants was the invitation to a Gala celebration in the Hambacher Castle in Neustadt.

“Master of Wine students are highly influential opinion makers from around the world. It was important to us to make their preparation for the gruelling MW exams as pleasant and interesting as possible. It also offered a superb opportunity to increase awareness of Germany’s top wines and extraordinary terroirs,” states VDP.Manager Hilke Nagel.

Background Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW): The Master of Wine title, first given in the year 1953, is one of the best-known and most prestigious titles in the world of wine. There are currently only 369 MWs worldwide. Over 320 students from 40 countries currently participate in the MW study programme and hope to one day carry this highly sought title. To become a Master of Wine, students must pass all three phases of the study program. Stage one is an interim exam after the first year. Phase 2 is completed with several days of theory and practical tasting exams. The final phase comprises an original research paper.

There are currently eight wine professionals from Germany that carry the title Master of Wine: Konstantin Baum, Markus del Monego, Romana Echensperger, Anne Krebiehl, Caro Maurer, Frank Röder, Janek Schumann und Jürgen von der Mark.