No worries about young talent at the VDP ++ VDP.VDP Prädikatsweingüter elect young winegrowers to the Presidium ++ Steffen Christmann confirmed as VDP President with a large majority for the fifth term of office VDP.MEMBER MEETING in Rheinhessen

No worries about young talent at the VDP ++ VDP.Prädikatsweingüter elect young winegrowers to the board++ Steffen Christmann confirmed as VDP President with a large majority for the fifth term of office

During the VDP annual general meeting in Rheinhessen the delegates voted for continuity and a rejuvenation of the board at the same time.
With large majority Steffen Christmann was elected for the fifth time into the office of the VDP president. After 12 years of supraregional association work the vice presidents Armin Diel (Schlossgut Diel (VDP) and Paul Fürst (VDP.Weingut Rudolf Fürst) retired after having handed over the responsibility in their estates. With the election of Meike Näkel (VDP.Weingut Meyer-Näkel) and Moritz Haidle (VDP.Weingut Karl Haidle) to the seven-member VDP board, the younger generation will be integrated into the future direction of the VDP. The general meeting also confirmed Joachim Heger (VDP.Weingut Dr. Heger), Reinhard Löwenstein (Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein (VDP), Wilhelm Weil (VDP.Weingut Robert Weil) and Philipp Wittmann (VDP.Weingut Wittmann) as members of the executive committee.
Steffen Christmann praised Armin Diel and Paul Fürst's many years of cooperation in the VDP board. He particularly emphasized the commitment in their regional associations. Under Armin Diel, for example, the groundbreaking Riesling site statute of the VDP was adopted in 1997, long before the VDP classification at federal level. The Silvaner grape variety was protected as the leading Franconian grape variety under Paul Fürst's leadership. In addition, Fürst has been committed to the marketing strategies of the association for almost 20 years. In recognition of both, Weinberg steles from the respective rocks of their top locations, PITTERMÄNNCHEN and CENTGRAFENBERG, were dedicated to both.
Steffen Christmann is looking forward to another three years in office and the cooperation with his young colleagues. For him, the positive accompaniment of the new wine law in Germany, which anchors the origins as a quality standard, is on the agenda. A goal for which the VDP has been paving the way for more than two decades with its classification. For the association, it has set itself the goal of developing a VDP sustainability standard with the almost 200 wineries. And in the external effect by means of a brand campaign to sharpen the VDP. eagle view with "regenerating" wine consumers.
Steffen Christmann: "The success of the VDP is based on a great respect for tradition and achievements. At the same time, however, it is always based on the courage for the new, the daring. Armin Diel and Paul Fürst have played a very large part in the successes of recent years, but the VDP wineries will always remain loyal to you. They now pass the baton on to Meike Näkel and Moritz Haidle. With their young ideas, courage and willingness to question everything anew, both will make their contribution to the future of the VDP wineries. I am very much looking forward to it."