VDP.COMPETITION | Sommeliers with a crush on VDP.ORTSWEIN wanted!

The VDP and Meiningers Sommelier are looking for the best concept to promote VDP.ORTSWEIN in restaurants or winebars. Hand in your wine list and show us, how you present and position wines from the German Cru Village quality level.

The Wines of VDP.Classification level VDP.ORTSWEIN are tailor-made for restaurants. With both high quality and extremely attractive prices, these wines are positioned as a crucial middle point between Gutswein and single-vineyard VDP.ERSTE LAGE® and VDP.GROSSE LAGE® wines. As a category, Ortswein are frequently labeled by winegrowers in connection with geological characteristics such as limestone, slate or volcanic rock. They represent a bridge between the varietal typicity expected of entry-level wines and the distinctive regional and geographical elements of premium wines.

We're looking for the 2019 VDP.Traubenadler Sommelier!

Apply now!

Simply send us your wine list and some discriptions of your concept (see questions below) to sommelier(at)meininger(dot)de

Please answer the following questions with your application:

How does your wine list communicate the VDP.ORTSWEIN concept? How is this range featured at your restaurant/wine bar?

Please send us a PDF or photograph of the VDP.ORTSWEIN in your wine list together with a description of how you present this special class.

The judges' selections will be announced on Sunday, 28 April 2019 at the opening ceremony of the VDP.Weinbörse in Mainz. The winners can also expect attractive prizes.

Final applications must be handed in no later than 31 March 2019.