Picture book summer - picture book wines! Six winegrowers about the new wines that will be presented at the VDP wine fair in Mainz this weekend.

The first quotes for the 2018 vintage are positive.

"The quality is right", was the unanimous opinion of the winegrowers at the Weinbörse on Sunday and Monday in Mainz.

With VDP.Estate Wittmann, VDP.Estate Stigler, VDP.Estate Pfeffingen, VDP.Estate Horst Sauer, VDP.Estate Rappenhof, VDP.Estate Gutzler, VDP.Estate J.Neus

In the past year, the VDP winegrowers have shown a great deal of sensitivity in various areas. On the one hand, the sunny, very dry 2018 beautiful summer demanded a lot of sensitivity to determine the right harvest time and to preserve the freshness of the wines. At the same time it was necessary to bring the 2017 vintage, which was very good in terms of quality but quite rare due to very small harvest quantities, onto the market.