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The classification statute of the VDP defines the quality of a wine not only by the sugar content of the grape at the time of harvest, but also by its terroir, i.e. origin in conjunction with quality. Terroir is the focal point. As such, there is an abstention from using the name of a district, a collective vineyard site or a less-than-top individual site. Only wines that reflect the character of their terroir are permitted to bear the name of a vineyard site. Terroir is determined by three components, a "magic triangle" that includes (1) the overall quality and character of a vineyard site; (2) the skill of a grower; and (3) the quality of a vintage. Terroir is recognizable in a wine. The quality of a vineyard is defined by its soil (topographical position, climate and microclimate). Only certain grape varieties are well-suited for a specific terroir. Our knowledge about the best sites and the most suitable grape varieties is based on centuries of experience.