What does a glass of Riesling really say about its origin? What role does the winemaker play, and what role does the cellar play? An experiment with three parcels of Riesling in Germany and Austria and a ring exchange between three winemakers.


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3 x Riesling from 3 exciting terroirs. 3 of the best origins in Germany and Austria. 3 winegrowers who observe, get to know and fathom their terroir with great precision. Who give the soil the chance to speak to them in order to make the "quiet voice of the terroir" audible. Three people who redefine the terms soil, home and Riesling. Selected samples from the experiment will be tasted and discussed.

With Johannes Hasselbach (Gunderloch), Theresa Breuer (Georg Breuer) and Alwin Jurtschitsch (Jurtschitsch)


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