International press reviews

"Newcomers to German wines might be best served by putting down their Deutsch dictionary and simply looking for an eagle clutching grapes on the label. Since 1910, the symbol of the Verband Deutscher Prädikats-und Qualitätsweingüter (VDP) has denoted a quality producer".
Mitch Frank, Wine Spectator

“If you think German labels are confusing (and you are not alone), hang on. VDP members’ wines from vineyards the organization has classified grand cru carry a logo of stylized grapes and the numeral one, while GG indicates it’s dry.“ Elin McCoy, Bloomberg

“I have had a lot of experience with wine from VDP member estates over the past 25 years. Though some have been occasionally disappointed, this is an excellent organization with passionate and talented members. For those interested in German wine, Riesling and other varietals bearing the VDP logo of the eagle with a cluster of grapes are worth seeking.“ Bruce Sanderson, Germany’s VDP Celebrates 100 Years of Quality, Wine Spectator

„I have certainly incorporated some of the information about the VDP on the Erste Lage into our WSET Diploma lectures.” David Hunter, UK Development Director, Wine & Spirit Education Trust, London

"Grosse Gewächse - Welcome to Riesling Paradise!" Blindtasting Club

„The highlight of my recent trip to Germany was several hours spent tasting at the Weinbörse. If not familiar, the Weinbörse is one of Germany’s top annual wine events held in late April in the beautiful medieval city of Mainz. Every spring some 200 members oft he VDP, Germany’s top quality wine growers association, gather to preview the new vintage for press and trade. Even though the bottles have literally been bottled just days or weeks before, it’s a great opportunity to taste the new vintage from Germany’s – and some of the world’s – top white wine producers.“  Tim Gaiser, UK




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